Work in Progress

International Relations

Offense Need not be Tragic: When Welfare Improves Under Increasing Offensive Advantage with Allan Dafoe and Ben Garfinkel

How Nuclear Winter Affects Nuclear Arms Strategy

Third Party Strategies in Conflicts with Significant Collateral Damage

The Intergovernmental Panel on Global Catastrophic Risks: A Proposal for a New International Organization  with Jeff Alstott (2017)


Valuing Intergenerational Mortality Risks: Implications for Discounting, Climate Change, and the Social Cost of Carbon

Does Creating Shared Value Lead to Higher Profitability? — An Empirical Analysis

Incorporating Global Catastrophic Risks into Economic Growth Models with Michael Wiebe and Lennart Stern

Non-Authored Papers I Supported with Research Assistance

Porter, Michael E., and James E. Heppelmann. "A manager's guide to augmented reality." Harvard Business Review 95.6 (2017): 45-57.

Porter, Michael E., and James E. Heppelmann. "How smart, connected products are transforming companies.Harvard Business Review 93.10 (2015): 96-114.