Work in Progress

International Relations

Offense Need not be Tragic: When Welfare Improves Under Increasing Offensive Advantage with Allan Dafoe and Robert Trager

The Intergovernmental Panel on Global Catastrophic Risks: A Proposal for a New International Organization  with Jeff Alstott (2017)


Dynamic Integrated Assessment of Climate and the Economy with Endogenous Mortality Response (The DICE-EMR Model)

Does Creating Shared Value Lead to Higher Profitability? — An Empirical Analysis

Non-Authored Papers I Supported with Research Assistance

Porter, Michael E., and James E. Heppelmann. "A manager's guide to augmented reality." Harvard Business Review 95.6 (2017): 45-57.

Porter, Michael E., and James E. Heppelmann. "How smart, connected products are transforming companies.Harvard Business Review 93.10 (2015): 96-114.