I am a second year PhD candidate in the Sustainable Development program at Columbia University in the City of New York. My interests are broadly in sustainability, which I think of as meeting the needs of today while being able to meet the needs of tomorrow. I am especially interested in things that could get in the way of meeting the needs of tomorrow, including global environmental degradation and destructive dual-use technologies. I seek to understand these issues and to assess institutions and strategies that aid in avoiding and mitigating them.

My program trains me as an economist with additional training in the natural sciences. My primary research methods are game theory, applied microeconomics, and economic modelling.

I write academic papers on these topics as well as related topics in international relations, governance, and business.

I enjoy writing popular articles on these topics.

I am interested in effective altruism, and I was a visiting researcher at the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford in the summer of 2018.

Before starting my PhD, I worked as a consultant for five years. I primarily advised CEOs and management of large companies.

You can reach me at rdb2148 (at) columbia.edu